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Lolly Willowes - MOTHER. MAIDEN. CRONE. All the secrets of the darkness of the womb.

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Ugly Cry Club - Ugly Cry Club is the solo project of Amanda Bigford from W.I.T.S. It is an electropop fever dream with hints of plunderphonics and performance art. Songs about the existential void that you can dance to.

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HARSH - HARSH was formed in January 2017 by four friends who had no intentions of starting a band together. They played their first show in April 2017 and have been going strong ever since. Taking their influence from Kathleen Hanna, The Coathangers, Bomb the Music Industry, RVIVR, Black Flag, Propaghandi and assorted others; HARSH's sound is unique and still evolving. HARSH is all about having fun and keeping the energy alive, while tackling topics like creepy people in bars, and why do men's pants sag so much ass? Gender norms are more than shattered when you take in HARSH, they firmly believe that gender is over (not to take away Laura Jane Grace's words) and if you don't believe that, they'll paint your nails until you do! HARSH will make you wanna dance and scream at the top of your lungs.

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MomBod - "MomBod began last summer as a way for three moms to join forces to play some noisy rock n roll. The project is becoming so much more for Amberlea, Mandy, and Silvana as an outlet to focus their energy and creativity. Though newer to the drum kit, Amberlea has been singing for years and years. Mandy (also: Fox Eyes, The Warriorettes) has been singing all her life and picked up the guitar five years ago. Silvana (previously: The Long Run, betterhalf; also: MTBC) has played bass for... a real long time. This summer will mark year one of being a band and MomBod plan to celebrate by releasing an EP."

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Mulligrub - "Mulligrub is two Cancers and an Aquarius writing upbeat, smart, and melodically driven garage pop to have Way Too Many Feelings to. Like a burnt marshmallow, they are angry on the outside, and tender underneath."

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Chunder Buffet - "Since its inception, Chunder Buffet has grown from a thrashy three piece to a four piece, goth infused, post punk slimefest. The band features former members from local Saskatoon favorites such as The Avulsions and Wizards. Songwriter and chanteuse, Cassandra Lavoie explores her experiences with anxiety disorder, sexual assault, and dissatisfaction through minor chords and vocals that vary from shrill sarcasm to powerful screams. In 2017, Chunder Buffet released their first full length album, 'Cesspool' on Grey Records. The album was featured on Saskatoon’s CFCR Top 10 charts and Ominocity’s Best of Saskatoon 2017. With this release Chunder has toured the prairies and performed at Calgary’s Femme Wave. Moving forward the band plans to tour Western Canada and continue work on an EP release featuring new members as it evolves and crawls out of the sludge pit."

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Slut Prophet - "Lo-fi post punk with a feminist core that will be sure to excite the audience."

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Feminal Fluids - Ella Clitsgerald wanted music BASSed on her beliefs in Feminism, that also reflected her experiences. She found an equally interested individual in Vulveeta Cheese, who could provide the GUITARbage. Later that month they DRUMmed up the excitement with Smellin' Degenerates as the third member, and the rest was herstory.

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HEDKS - "Hailing from Vancouver, BC, HEDKS are a thrashy rock and roll duo with a penchant for cuss words and catchy-as-hell riffs. After unleashing their debut release, Turnt Up for What, on the world in 2016, along with several music videos, a number of Western Canadian tours, festival appearances and even a recent European tour, these two women are garnishing a following and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, and show no signs of slowing down." 

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Riel - "Riel is an old soul at heart, a singer with a kean ear that translates to full-bodied melodies and thoughtful rhythms that aim to evoke emotion in it’s purest form. Being compared to a variety of incredible vocalists ranging from Adele to Tracey Chapman, Riel has a powerful voice in their music both lyrically, and literally. They’ve drawn inspiration from a wide range of unexpected places; medieval poetry, modern soul, and old jazz to name a few; but somehow, Riel manages cohesion in a chaos of influence, making them an artist in every sense of the word."

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Ground Sloth Orchestra - Ground Sloth Orchestra s a lo-fi project by Gwen Wood, filled with vivid dreamy imagery of carousels, childhood stuffed animals, ghosts, hurt, and falling in love.

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Janette King - "Janette King & The BAD is an emerging Jazz, Alt-R&B band based in Montreal. We use our music as a way to communicate with and inspire our listeners. We bring together a wealth of musical and emotional experiences by combining the sensibilities of future soul, jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, experimental R&B and more. Imagine a sound that blends the soulful vocals of Erykah Badu with the prog-rnb, polyrhythms of Hiatus Kaiyote. Our energy and creativity together on stage is what our fans are drawn to."

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Bobby Dove -  Alt-country singer/songwriter Bobby Dove has been on the road since the 2016 release of her debut album, Thunderchild. Bobby hooks her audience with soulful, uninhibited vocals and crafty songwriting, while conjuring the ghosts of old-time country. Often accompanying herself on guitar and mandolin, Dove has also collaborated with seasoned musicians across Canada, and shared stages with acclaimed songwriters such as Mary Gauthier and Richard Thompson.

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Lingua Franqa - Linqua Franqa is linguist-rapper Mariah Parker, whose scientific fixation with hip-hop is obvious in the intricate rhymes she weaves over boom-bap beats. Her debut LP "Model Minority" was written and recorded while Parker completed a Master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Georgia and tells unflinching tales of emotional instability, drug addiction, race and politics, and feminist swagger. Longtime hip-hop heads will hear echoes of 90s New York underground in both her playful vocal delivery and piano-centric, classic R&B-inspired compositions.

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Cartel Madras - "Cartel Madras is a radical hiphop duo out to disrupt an industry. Contra and Eboshi are female rappers hailing from South India who are making an impact in hiphop by taking familiar and comfortable narratives and destroying them. Their sound fuses the stylings of Dirty South rap, house and trap to bring a depth, lyricism, and an uncompromising turnt up energy to the party."

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Kimmortal - My name is Kim Villagante, also known as my emcee name Kimmortal. I am a queer filipin@ diasporic first generation settler-based on unceded, unsurrendered Coast Salish Territories also known as Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm primarily known as an emcee/singer-songwriter/poet but I use music as an umbrella for all my mediums as I am an interdisciplinary type of artist. I went to school for Visual Arts and Art History and would hit up open mics and share poetry and raps on my guitar. My work has evolved since to incorporate song, poetry, rap, dance, and visuals. 

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Witch Prophet - Witch Prophet is an evolution of Toronto based, Ethiopian/Eritrean singer/songwriter Ayo Leilani. A soundscape of vocal layers, loops, and harmonies on a bed of hip hop, jazz, and soul-inspired beats.

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Polly Dactic - Polly Dactic, born in 2017, is an experimental project lead by Aquarian Nyssa Brown (Blu Shorts, Hag Face). Now joined by Scorpio Mathieu Blanchard (Sunglaciers, Crystal Eyes) the duo collaborate with the use of processed vocals and synthesizers to create lush rhythms over hypnotic percussion.

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Kellarissa - "Kellarissa is Larissa Loyva, a classically-trained Vancouver singer and synthesizer experimentalist who uses a loop pedal to expound on simple chord structures to create intricate pop songs. Her subject matter includes the vastness of the Universe, the mysteries of Nature and the compelling beckoning of the Sea. While honing her skills playing in groups such as p:ano, Fake Tears, How to Dress Well, and Destroyer, Larissa has released three solo albums on Mint Records: Flamingo (2009), Moon of Neptune (2011) and Ocean Electro (March 2018)."

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Soft Cure - "Soft Cure is a pastel wave band that plays with gender roles, and displacement in their music and use of installation/performance art at their live shows. The solo bedroom project of seth cardinal, the live band includes the other two crayon eaters Ana and Andy. The perfect band to destroy your birthday."

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Amy Nelson - The sweet, sad longing and play of words and phrases, delivered in a voice from days far gone; holding the plaintive echoes of the struggles of women who bore the weight of abject sorrow and hardships, reaching through the ages and channeled through. Amy Nelson began her career as an old time banjoist. As time wore on, she began to dedicate herself to not only the preservation of the rural folk music she became known for, but by writing songs that reflected her own view of the world too. Amy’s songs display a veracity and rawness that is uniquely her own.