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Local Singles - Future Womb - Body Lens

  • Fish and Game Club Lethbridge, AB Canada (map)

Fish and Game Hut - 9th Avenue & 10th Street, Lethbridge, AB
$10 (cash only)
This is not a venue we use all the time, and it takes work to put on, please respect the space and everyone in it.


L o c a l S i n g l e s
Calgary, AB
Here are the quick and dirty facts so you can get back to scrolling through our pics ;) If you're looking 4 love in the city 2nite look no further than LOCAL SINGLES! We are live, in your area, and ready to chat. 

F u t u r e W o m b
Calgary, AB
Future Womb is the brainchild of multidisciplinary Calgary artist, Mikaela Cochrane. With beachy ukulele lines, swirling soundscapes, and infectious vocal melodies, Future Womb brings you to an island far beyond space and time. Mikaela's honest and intricate lyrics tug at your heart strings, while the sweet sounds of psych pop gently rock you through your existential crisis. With collaborators Jordan Moe (guitar) and Michael De Souza (bass) of local folkadelic quintet The Ashley Hundred, and Andrew Ellergodt (drums) of Andrew's Pale Horses, bringing the groove, this new project's eclectic sound will keep you guessing.

B o d y L e n s
Lethbridge, AB
Body Lens is a five-piece band from Lethbridge that focuses a unique combination of sounds from several eras in post-punk to create a spacious, angular, and cold experience that draws from life in rural Alberta. While their vocals evoke dark, industrial images, the guitars fill the space between with harsh and brittle tones. Underneath their more chaotic expressions, the interwoven drums and bass maintain a driving focus to the music. After just over a year of performing at live shows in southern Alberta, 2018 will feature several releases from Body Lens, including forthcoming compilations on Cups N Cakes and Grey Records, in addition to their own self-released EP.